Об одной фотографии

Михаил Дашевский: «какая-то толкотня на ВДНХ, а там тетка с жутким взглядом, какой-то парень в серой кепке (1961 год)... Как Кляйн увидел это? Он же не антисоветчик, не со специальной целью снимал, просто среагировал изобразительной формой на потрясшие его такие контрасты людей»

Ролан Барт в «Camera lucida. Комментарий к фотографии»

« As Klein pointed out in a 1983 interview, Barthes, ignoring any artistic intention, had wanted to see the Moscow photograph only as a document of how Russians dressed and cut their hair in 1959 (...) The Muscovites, waiting for a parade to pass, represent not only an ethnic diversity but also a diversity of possible relationships between photographer and subject. Seven people are visible in the photograph. At the center is an old woman, fully aware that she is being photographed and striking a pose. But, as Klein notes, each one illustrates a possible kind of behavior in front of the camera. »

Jonathan Rosenbaum

I need the wide-angle to get a lot of things into the frame. Take the picture of May Day in Moscow. With a 50mm jammed between the parade and the side-walk, I would have been able to frame only the old lady in the middle. But what I wanted was the whole group – the tartars, the Armenians, Ukranians, Russians, an image of empire surrounding one old lady on a sidewalk as a parade goes by.

Eric Kim. 10 Lessons William Klein Has Taught Me About Street Photography


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