Книги с открытками

Швейцарский графический дизайнер Alberto Vieceli сделал три книги с открытками.

Animal Greetings from the UK

In ANIMAL GREETINGS FROM THE UK, all images have been collected and extracted by Alberto Vieceli from eighty vintage postcards from the United Kingdom. This kind of postcards, that were in use between the 40s and 60s, were in the middle of the postcard cards always decorated with animal photos, mostly cats and dogs.

OK OK – twin postcards

Collected and edited by Alberto Vieceli, this compendium of postcards from throughout Europe and beyond makes a point of emphasising the generic nature of the ubiquitous touristic greeting format. Printed on each page are full-size reproductions of a pair of postcards that share the exact same layout while showing very different holiday destinations. These juxtapositions create a playful and often incongruous visual effect. Through his attentive selection and layout of postcards from the collection, Vieceli poses questions about mass tourism and the capitalist marketing of cities and destinations.

Saluti dal Mare

The 212 “postcards” in this book by Alberto Vieceli represent a selection of over 600 postcards collected between July 2016 and October 2017. Reimagined as simplified and monochromatic, with flat colours and basic shapes, the new versions entirely remove the postcard’s key visual element: pictures of the destination they represent. By eliminating this functionality, he reduces the postcards to abstract designs whose only clue as to what they represent is in the leftover text which names the various cities, places, and tourist attractions from whence the cards originated. Vieceli deconstructs this popular souvenir format, rendering it essentially representative of nothing.


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