Скучные открытки

Jeppe Wikström

Tråkiga vykort. 2002

Шведские открытки 50-60-х годов. Книга была продана тиражом 30.000 экземпляров.

«Речь идет о времени, когда Швеция действительно сделала шаг от сельского хозяйства к индустриализации, когда каждый недавно построенный муниципальный дом или мощеная автостоянка были знаком того, что место стало современным»

Fler tråkiga vykort (Более скучные открытки). 2010

Martin Parr

Boring Postcards, 1999

Boring Postcards USA, 1999

Langweilige Postkarten, 2001

Stephen Shore. Greeting from Amarillo. 1971

And what I did was choose 10 highlights of Amarillo. Half of them are, in fact, subjects very typical of postcards: the main street, the hospital, the civic center, the court house. But, half of them are more local and quirky: Doug's Barbecue, and the Double Dip. These were places that, if you were a teenager growing up in Amarillo, this is where you would go.

I made a miscalculation. I thought that what the New York art world wanted was postcards of Amarillo, Texas. I had thousands of cards printed, and sold none.

So then, I tried to make the best of a bad situation. Since the postcards don't say the name “Amarillo” on the back, they're generic cards; I could leave them anywhere. For the next several years as I traveled around the country, I would take handfuls of them and stuff postcard racks all over the country full of the cards.

Marco Citron. Urbanism 1.01. 2015

The photos were taken in Ukraine, Belarus, southern Russia, Moldova and Lithuania since 2007. His series is indebted to Martin Parr’s collection, Boring Postcards. He collected many original postcards from the 1960s, using them as inspiration for this contemporary series of images that he says ‘explore simple, trivial and at times imperfect images’


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