Tajette O’Halloran. You can post this after I die

My grandma had recently died and I had started to revisit some of the images she told me I could share after she was gone. 

Ageing and death are confronting, but my grandma’s unique way of being has taught me to honour my own authenticity throughout my life.

Urša Premik. Hilda

Covered in cloaks and coats, Hilda occasionally turns into Super Hilda, an eccentric and characterful heroine who possesses the supernatural power of old age and, a cigarette in her hand, embodies the antithesis of, deviation from, and objection to the expected beauty standards. Through a collage of spontaneous and staged images, she speaks of her grandma from a fully personal point of view, allowing the viewer to witness Hilda’s numerous transformations. 

Many people (including the elderly) perceive old age and ageing as something negative, burdensome, unattractive or even shameful, thus relegating the elderly to the margins of society. It is becoming increasingly evident that a new rhetorical paradigm is needed which also addresses the demographic transition visually. 

Проект Карена Хачатурова (Karen Khachaturov) "Pastel Struggle" о дедушке


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