О чем говорят провода-2

Еще один проект о проводах. В дополнение к проводам от Vitor Sá. Gatonet и Andreas Gefeller, Юрия Аввакумова, Khalil Joreige и Луи Портер.

Sounak Das. Wire Formation

In the dark, chaotic wires swinging from pole to pole, across the road, overhead, from trees to houses and down allies create a sort of coherence.

These chaotic wires around the city have always represented an entangled reality of Dhaka. The state has initiated and published newspaper articles quoting that these wire poles will no longer exist beyond the year 2022, which compelled me to archive my reality.

I intend to create shapes and forms using several light sources to produce a sculptural typology of objects like poles and wires and the environment around them. I had an urge to sneak out in the streets at midnight and capture images of steel structures, transformer poles and power cables, much more vivid than a feature in the background of our adaptive sight.

The references of these subtle and abstract artifacts, metals and wires are for people living a century ahead of my generation and philosophy. These photographs will be a representation of my time.


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