December 20th, 2018

Фотографы на стенах

Jana & JS пара австро-французских художников, которая работает с трафаретами. Как они рассказывают, их работы основаны на собственных фотографиях. Героями их работ часто становились фотографы.

Пара работала и в Москве в 2010 году. Эти рисунки можно посмотреть здесь.

When we started to work together, we painted a lot of photographers and elements related to our passion for photography, old cameras, and polaroids. Photography will always be an essential part of our work and we will continue to paint photographers

It always starts with pictures. We both are into photography and we take a lot of pictures in our everyday life and during our journeys; mostly from cities, architectural details, people we’re meeting and ourselves. We can say that photography – pictures but also the act of photographing itself – has a great impact on our work. That is why we started representing ourselves with cameras, and also used the Polaroid format for our paintings.

unurth | street art

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