May 3rd, 2018

Правила селфи

Willem Popelier. The Do It Yourselfie Guide

Willem Popelier analyzed tens of thousands of selfies, thousands of tips and dozens of research articles on selfies for the ultimate selfie guide. This guide contains 66 rules accompanied by 66 pictures in which Willem Popelier re-enacted some of the most famous selfies on earth. Go and take your own selfie based on rules applied by the stars. You can shine just like them. All you need is a camera, yourself, and a hashtag.

Willem Popelier | LensCulture

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Romain Leblanc. Ma vie est plus belle que la vôtre (My life is better than yours)

In “My Life is Better than Yours,” Romain Leblanc studies figures of modernity. To this end, he uses the selfie as a means of exposing his life to others and so complies with common practice, very much in vogue in social media: sharing, through photographs, what we are doing. For him, this approach manifests his belonging and respect for standards specific to the expectations of society. However, the photographer turns requirements into derision by exacerbating this conduct and exposing all aspects of daily life, including the most comical.


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