April 16th, 2018

Перекличка камеры обскура

В дополнение к фотографируем камеру обскура в интерьере

Marja Pirilän. Interior/Exterior

The idea in embarking on the Interior/Exterior project was a nocturnal inspiration after seeing
some bw-images of Abelardo Morel in a photo magazine. In the room converted into a camera obscura
I could capture an image of a person and at the same time that person’s room and the view from the window – what an all-encompassing method by which to photograph a person’s living environment!
The originally documentary idea soon expanded in a new direction. The pictures began to form not only a person’s living environment but also to constitute an excursion into the mental landscape:
reflections of memories, reveries, fears and dreams.
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Marja Pirilä | LensCulture
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Robyn Stacey.

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Room 4821 Sofitel on Collins, Chris, 2013 from Guest Relations

By Robyn Stacey, a Sidney photographer.
King William Room, Parliament House, 2016 from Dark Wonder

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Room 1706 Quay West, Box of Brisbane, 2015 from Cloud Land