April 10th, 2018


Elena Dorfman. Still Lovers
In Southern California, there is a factory where workers craft hyper-realistic women that may be purchased exclusively on the Internet for $6,000. Customers can choose from among nine faces and body types, ranging from petite to voluptuous. They can choose the eye color, the skin tone, the nail length and tint, the style and cut of the pubic hair. Each doll has genitals and an anus – both perfectly realistic and functional.
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Sandra Hoyn. Jenny’s Soul

The series “Jenny’s Soul” shows the relationship between a man and his silicone doll.
Dirk has been living together with his silicone doll Jenny for four years now in Germany. After suffering a burnout and because he was lonely, he bought the doll for 6000 Euro. Because she looks so real, the doll is not just a sex toy, she has become a partner to him. Dirk has forged a strong emotional relationship with Jenny. He is able to hear Jenny, talk to her and perceive her soul. Dirk is happy. His doll gives him a sense of closeness and security. He would not want to live without her. Their everyday life takes place in the apartment, never outside. Dirk keeps their life together secret.

Узнав о жизни Дирка, я не испытываю ни жалости, ни печали и точно не хочу его осуждать. Иногда мне хочется его защитить — я говорю людям, что они просто не пытаются его понять. Даже я не во всем его понимаю, но принимаю.