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В дополнение к фотографии в мебельном у trs_trs_foto

Kateřina Držková, Barbora Kleinhamplová
IKEA - Show (in) Rooms

In Ikea, you can take a seat or lie back wherever you like and try every product thoroughly. Our assistants will neither disturb you nor drive you off. But if you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask. They will be pleased to help you.
(Ikea Catalogue, 2006)

Ikea | eigenartig.es

Kateřina Držková, Barbora Kleinhamplová | ::: FotoFestiwal 2009 :::

Ikea | eigenartig.es


“Since I was a child my parents could not afford for me to have my own bedroom. Therefore I never had the freedom to choose my own space and the way I wanted to decorate it. I remember the first time I went to IKEA. I was seven and that changed my life. When they built an IKEA in Yekaterinburg I used to take the bus there every weekend with my friend just to hang out and imagine the day I would have my own room.”

Make yourself at home in the world's largest furniture retailer

My flat-pack life: how I spent 3 weeks living in IKEA — The Calvert Journal

Make yourself at home in the world's largest furniture retailer

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