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Спина как протест

Еще один проект о женской спине в дополнение к Кейси Джонсон (Kacy Johnson) FEMALE и Тары Богарт "A modern hair style".

Nina Franco. Soul black

While Brazil hosted the World Cup and is getting ready to Olympic games, Black Women remain invisible to the state.
I analyze the representation of the back as history, stance and resistance. Because history repeats itself as in the days of the slave quarters.
The back is a part of the body where black people received beatings while tied and raped on wood trunks. The stance of the back have a strong meaning, it carries history but also is difficult to recognize the identity of someone. Therefore, the photographs from behind, that avoid faces, is a conscious attempt of anonymity, the back of a black woman is telling the story of all other.
The combination of hiding the face, coloured background, the back and hairs is a search to achieving a line between race and miscegenation.
We don't give our back to the past, we carry ancestors on it, and past is still present.

Soul black - nina franco

Soul black - nina franco

Soul black - nina franco

Soul black - nina franco
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