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One of my eyebrows is raised in the photo to show that I’m inquisitive. The other one is just regular, to show that I’m also not inquisitive. There are many facets to me.
My head is facing forward, while the rest of me is turned to the side. This is my body’s natural position when I’m at work. It’s playful, yet awkward, yet very awkward. It also offers a glimpse into how efficient I am even when I’m on the clock. Imagine that you’ve just stopped me while I’m on my way to a meeting, and I turn toward you, but only with the body parts I need for talking.
My arms are folded to demonstrate that I get things done, and then celebrate by folding my arms. In this particular case, I got this photo done, which took, like, a year. Of course, I’ll unfold my arms as needed for explosive fist bumps in the hallway and even for nonexplosive ones.

Colin Nissan. My LinkedIn Photo
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