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Teddy Bear

К продолжение темы проектов об огромном количестве похожих фотографий здесь и здесь.

Ydessa Hendeles собрала для The Teddy Bear Project три тысячи фотографий, на которых присутствует игрушечный медвежонок. Выставки проекта проходили в 2002-2003, 2010 и 2016 годах.

'partners the teddy bear project' by ydessa hendeles at gwangju art biennale 2010:

Выставка ретро-фотографий с мишками в Кванджу — lovelypuppets.ru:

Ydessa Hendeles The Teddy Bear Project:

TNY_2016uu561.jpg (2000×1448):

Ydessa Hendeles The Teddy Bear Project:

A Piercing View of the Twentieth Century, Through the Eyes of the Teddy Bear - The New Yorker:

Ydessa Hendeles The Teddy Bear Project:

Но и в этом множестве фотографий найдется особенная для зрителя.
Katie Ryder в статье о выставке рассказывает о фотографии Августа Зандера:
When I passed into the installation’s second room, I recognized a photo of a woman with a broad, placid face and dark eyes. She was seated on grass with her young child, a dog, and, to the right, a Teddy bear. For two days I couldn’t remember how I knew the picture, and when I finally placed it—it was by August Sander—I pulled the photo up online: “Young Bourgeois Mother,” taken in 1926, in Cologne, an image said to present a falsely tranquil view of German life in the Weimar Republic at the time. The version of the photograph I found—the one held by the Getty collection—was cropped: that is, no Teddy bear. The image is a type of fiction, just as “Partners,” in Hendeles’s words, is a type of fantasy. The artist’s enormous curatorial feat is a reminder that the conventions employed by museums are the tools of authority: they tell us which art is important art, what history is true history. This is how we make, like, a thing.
August Sander “Young Bourgeois Mother,” 1926:

Young Bourgeois Mother, Cologne, August Sander, 1926. © J. Paul Getty Trust:

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