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Heidi Kirkpatrick, Family Service:
Heidi Kirkpatrick, Family Service. 2013

In loving memory of my father,
George Samuel Lambert Jr.
July, 20, 1924 – May 6, 2013
Place setting of hand crafted earthenware with vintage family photographs, my Father (dinner plate), and those who went before him, his Father (salad plate), and his Grandfather (butter plate), full names and lifespans noted on the backs of the plates. These ceramic dishes are dishwasher safe, available in an edition of 12, like my Grandmother’s china.

A Quiet Row of Women - Andi Arnovitz:
Andi Arnovitz. A Quiet Row of Women. 2010
Five decoupaged Matrushka dolls nestle in an hand made box with an accompanying hand sewn book that includes Dalia Kaveh’s touching poem about matriarchs.
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