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Jung Yeon-doo. Evergreen Tower. 2001
Evergreen Tower. yeondoo jung:
Evergreen Tower – HABITAT PROJECT:

Apparently, life style gets rather repetitive in Evergreen Tower. Modern Seoul city attracts all sorts of people from the whole country for many reasons. Some of them work at factories and the others at office. The nesting ground for these home seekers in the ‘stranger’s city’ – Seoul, is the Evergreen Tower. 150 square feet of identical living room spaces are heavenly ground for the tired salary men who return from their hardworking routine to find warm hearted families waiting for them. A modern loving family scene can be easily started in this concrete square tower.
Evergreen Tower consists of thirty-two family portraits from an apartment block in Gwangin-gu Gwangjang-dong, Seoul. I visited thirty-two families in their houses and took portraits of the people in their living room. Since all the families live in the same building, the architectural structure is the same except the changes in decoration and the family.
I was trying to portrait the individual life of the nuclear families within the mass production houses of the Seoul city.

Evergreen Tower – HABITAT PROJECT:

Evergreen Tower – HABITAT PROJECT:

Bogdan Gîrbovan. 10/1. 2008

These fascinating photographs show how differently people live in identical apartments:

Как по-разному живут люди в одинаковых квартирах:

Все эти квартиры находятся одна над другой. У них одинаковая планировка и в чём-то схожий интерьер. Этот дом — часть жилого комплекса, построенного в 1966 году, всего в него входит 70 тысяч похожих квартир. Все фотографии я делал с одного и того же ракурса, так ярче видны социальные различия и отличия в характерах жильцов. Комната может помочь составить зрителю психологический портрет хозяина, погрузить в исторический контекст и увидеть его связь с современностью.

The turning point was the moment when the lady from the first floor asked for his help to fix a door in her flat. Although Bogdan knew that the rooms were all identical from top-to-bottom, he did not truly realize it until helping her neighbor.
Eventually, the artist managed to convince all his neighbors to take part in the project and he noticed the differences in their personalities and in their ideas of arranging the same room.
Bogdan Girbovan lived in this complex between 2005 and 2009 and the 10/1 series was completed in 2008. You can see the photographer in his room on the 10th floor.
There are a few elements that stand out in this project. The lady living on the 9th floor stands out as her books are arranged in an out of the ordinary fashion. She says that they are organized this way so that they will not fall. Additionally, the lady from the 6th floor was a public person at the time, working in the mass-media industry, so she refused to show her face.

Как по-разному живут люди в одинаковых квартирах:

Как по-разному живут люди в одинаковых квартирах:

Как по-разному живут люди в одинаковых квартирах:
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