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Говорящие спины

Проект Кейси Джонсон (Kacy Johnson) FEMALE очень похож на проект фотографа Тары Богарт "A modern hair style". Но если Богарт, вдохновившись фотографией Надара, хочет увидеть уникальность каждой женщины через ее прическу, то Джонсон документирует как индивидуальнсть  особенности кожи, татуировки, родинки и шрамы.

These women, faceless, exclaim their identity by unveiling what is infinitely more intimate, a part that they themselves are unable to see every day--their backs, with moles, tan lines, scars, bruises, tattoos, indentations left from tight bras.
Documenting the presence and loveliness of each woman's physical peculiarities removes the societal perspective on women showing them as they are, elevating them above fodder for advertising and magazine covers, and into beautiful realness.


Джонсон также расширила своей проект в аккаунте проекта в Инстаграм  голосами героинь.

"As I sit and look at these photos of my back, I notice little things such as faint tan lines, the contours of my shoulders, the soft and supple nature of my skin, and the asymmetrical line of my haircut that is different now. Obviously, I see the enormous tattoo of a burrowing owl that stares unapologetically out into the world. It's the one thing on my body I can't look directly into or at. I need a photograph or a mirror to look upon what I entrusted someone to draw permanently onto my body. Someone once said that my tattoos are a type of metaphorical armor and how they serve as a constant visual reminder of who I am and how I identify. That's certainly true, but I think my back tells quite the story of how I see myself as well. The burrowing owl is quite unique. It is active during the day unlike other owls that are nocturnal. They burrow and nest underground, which are rather unique instincts for an animal that can fly! It stays close to the ground most of the time, but has the capacity take flight at any moment. I guess, in many ways, I see myself as this little bird that is much more agile and complex than its stature and size let on. It is majestic in its own way and I've always seen this mark on my back as a protector of sorts. My back seemed like the most logical place to tell this story about myself. I think it has to do with trust as well. It is extremely rare for people to see this piece of artwork in its entirety - until now. This project forced me to be vulnerable in a way I never thought I would be.
So, if eyes are the windows to the soul, perhaps the back is a vision into the history and stories we carry inside us."
San Francisco, CA

"The sides of me I cannot see...
What pain and invisible hardship run through this body, through the back and spine of this body, ravaged by tick-born disease.
How much can we carry without it showing on the outside?
You may see things in me I cannot...
I may know things by the experience of being in this body, things you may never see."
San Francisco, US

"Us as women use so many things to hide or change who we are. Our backs have little to them, nothing to add or alter. It's the most vulnerable part of us. It's hard to see it and automatically I think how much I want to change about it. But after looking and embracing who I am and my beauty that the world sees that I cannot see on the daily basis in the mirror I learned to love it and respect it. I am my biggest enemy, I fight the largest fight against myself. I've learned to accept I am beautiful just the way I am"
San Francisco, US
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