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Уличный фотограф

Нашла чудесный сайт об уличном фотографе Foncie Pulice

Он работал на улицах Ванкувера с 1935 по 1979.
Негативов не сохранилось. Коллекция собрана из присланных фотографий. Ко многим из них приведены короткие истории.
Мне кажется, сам Фонси с удовольствием фотографировала всех этих людей. И от этого вроде обычная коммерческая фотография становится такой притягательной. Все люди на его фотографиях такие живые.
Оторваться невозможно.

My Mother, age 20 yr, from Innisfail, Alberta was visiting cousins in Vancouver in 1937. She is now 93 and living in Victoria.

My Dad, Bill Webb, as a young cadet going to ceremonies in Vancouver celebrating the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May of 1939

Dad walking downtown Vancouver in 1939. A break from building Davis Rafts in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Oliver (Sonny) Tolman Jr.

Grandma and Grandpa Laing Ida and Gordon. He had just retired as conductor on the CPR. They had just moved to Vancouver. What a good looking couple they made 1939

This young married couple in 1939 have bought their first alarm clock; she’s carrying the parcel.

This is my mother (Marie) and her younger sister (Jean) taken in about 1938. Big sister out shopping with little sister.

This is a picture of myself as a two or three year old, with my mother on a street somewhere in Vancouver. Note the harness! I apparently liked to follow sailors and wander, hence the reason my mother kept me attached to her.

We were out and about in Downtown Vancouver. Maybe doing a little shopping and probably on our way to Woodward’s or the White Lunch for a bite when Foncie captured the moment for all time. Like so many people of that era, I don’t have much from the early years of our family, but thanks to Foncie, I have this. And my children will have this, and their children, and so on

Me (on left) with my friends Marion (next to me), then Louise and Julie. I’m still friends with Marion but I’m not sure what’s happened with the other two. So many of my friends have passed, I suspect they might have as well. When this picture was taken, it was after the war and everything was booming. We’d gone downtown for fun and we knew that if you walked down by Foncie, you’d get your photo taken so we headed there. We were obviously posing.

Bev Gerow (nee Siciliano) and friend, Val S. taken going to work in May, 1946. My mom, Bev was 15 years old at the time. She worked at Leckie’s shoe factory in Vancouver

Cyril and Lois Bigham with their whistling daughter, Merrell. Merrell started whistling at a very young age and still likes to whistle. Merrell became my wife.

August 1958, with happy smiles on our way to a dance at the Commodore Ballroom on Granville St. I’m wearing my much loved, beautiful red lace dress, new black lace shoes and a fancy petticoat. My date is sporting flashy socks and a smart grey wool suit. I met this handsome young man on a blind date sailing near Kitsilano in July 1958 – it was love at first sight! These wide smiles captured on Granville were the first of many. We married in 1960 and went on to raise a family in Delta.

Here is a Foncie photo of the big Ron. My dad, the cool cat!

Norm and Gladys Chapman This picture is of our mom and dad Christmas shopping in Vancouver. Dad wrote on the back “No, I didn’t let Gladys carry the load, only for the picture” Mom says, “That’s not true.” It was always a joke for the family

My husband Kwadwo Asante and I came back to Vancouver after spending three years in Glasgow Scotland where he studied medicine. Our first daughter, Jackie, is holding my hand. I was pregnant with our second daughter in that picture. It wasn’t a nice time to be interracially married!!!! People spat on the street as we walked by, and slammed doors in our faces when we house-hunted. My husband (ex) who was raised by Presbyterian Missionaries in West Africa said, “If this is the result of 2000 years of Christianity I don’t need it”.

Bruce Bissell carrying John Tanner. My musical magician buddy Bruce Bissell and I shared carrying each other on the street after a busy day on CKLG, Boss Radio.

Royal Bank Inspection Team, just before 3:00 PM waiting at the corner of Granville & Robson to enter the RBC branch at that location with a “surprise’ audit except that the surprise was on us as Foncie photo realized what was about to happen & “snap” the Team was caught. Each of the Team members has since retired from RBC. - See more at: http://fonciescorner.knowledge.ca/foncie-photos/murray/#sthash.VckVpXck.dpuf

Just a few months after arriving in Vancouver to attend UBC …. walking down Granville Street. One of my favourite photos!

Still “got the bug” in another bag’o'records. This is one of the last ones in my sequence of Foncie photos. I got a teaching job in Castlegar and rarely did that walk before the lens on Granville.

It was unusual for two Bay salesclerks in the same department to get a break at the same time. Jackie (left) Maggie (right) September 1971

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