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В дополнение к собранным trs_trs_foto проектам на тему "знакомых" незнакомцев и семьи

Дэниел Халас. В серии Family (2010) позировал в качестве родственника в удмуртских семьях.

“These family portraits of ethnic Udmurts were taken in the Udmurt Republic of western Russia by Hungarian photographer Daniel Halasz. Sharp-eyed observers may notice that there is a recurring family member in all the photographs. In fact this is Halasz himself, sometimes with a child on his knee, looming over two elderly relatives or simply sporting a spiffy red neckerchief.
The starting point of Halasz’s project was the right-wing idea, widespread in his home country, that Hungarians originally came from the Ural region and spread from there to become the greatest and most feared warriors in Europe. Looking to create an ironic reflection on this idea, Halasz tried to find his supposed relatives among ordinary Udmurt families of the region. “Udmurts and Hungarians belong to the same family of Finno-Ugric people,” says Halasz. “Like the prodigal son in the Bible, I returned to the ancient land.” Depending on the setting, Halasz becomes a father, brother, uncle or son, temporarily older or younger. A wry take on questions of nationality and ideology becomes also an enquiry into the dynamics of family and the traditions of portraiture.”
text by Anastasiia Fedorova (The Calvert Journal)

Daniel Halasz:

Daniel Halasz Photography:

Daniel Halasz Photography:

Daniel Halasz:

Romain Mader. De nouveaux amis. 2011
“I just went to Deauville, France, and pretended I had no friends on the beach,” Mader explains, “I just wanted a new collection of friends.” As a result, Mader chatted to some tourists on the beach, asking them to pose with him for his project. When asked if he had actually formed friendships with any of the subjects, Mader says that he’s never heard back from them and that, “they are like disposable friends I guess!”

Внешне очень похоже на проект Trish Morrissey Front

De nouveaux amis, 2011:

De nouveaux amis, 2011:

De nouveaux amis, 2011:

De nouveaux amis, 2011:
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