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Torsten Solin. Das Album
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Through his manipulated images and self-portraits, Solin explores social and gender stereotypes, creating a complex (photo) album that can be read in a variety of ways.
Memory, which usually stands at the heart of a photo album, is eradicated by the artist’s obsessive play with notions of identity and self-portrayal. The historical photographic materials that he uses as the basis for these new works are given a new function through artistic appropriation.
These new self-portraits and stagings are brought together as an imaginary photo album that reveals multiple layers of meaning. It also makes reference to the theme of the doppelganger, which became popular in the romantic literature of the 19th century, and remains a frequent theme in the arts and academic research today.


Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Ich und ich - [ART]:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin Das Album:

Torsten Solin: "Karneval":

Exhibition : « The Album » by Torsten Solin | DPN:

Изменение старых фотографий продолжается. Уже было удаление и
добавление портретируемого

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