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Black and Blue - This is an original Soviet Navy emergency canned water ration. The 240 gramms of drinking water was canned in 1991, the final year of the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the USSR that year, the Soviet Navy lost some of its units to former Soviet Republics, and was left without funding. The Black Sea Fleet in particular spent several years in reserve, until 1997 when an agreement ceded some of its ships to Ukraine, which is where this can of water was purchased

 Barry W Hughes. ONGOING PHOTOGRAPHS. Volume I

Canned drinking water. GOST 15-242-80. The canned drinking water is ready for consumption. It is meant for individual use on board lifeboats and life-rafts, as well as in the absence of a central supply of drinking water, in dangerous epidemiological environments, and in emergency situations etc.:
ZATO : Sergey Novikov:

Сергей Новиков. Из проекта "ЗАТО"
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