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Le bain

В дополнение к La Toilette

Jacques-Louis David. The Death of Marat. 1793

Chaplin. film "Pay Day"

Anders Petersen. Prison 1984

David Gandy by Mariano Vivanco

by Max Vadukul

Portrait of David Bowie on the set of Just a gigolo directed by David Hemmings, 1978

Everton footballers in the bath after training, taken by George W Roper for the Daily Herald, 1938. National Media Museum UK

Pablo Picasso (1956)

After a hot shower, pilots of the 7th Fighter Command soak for ten minutes in improvised galvanized tubs filled with natural salt and sulfur water from a well on Iwo Jima. Twelve such tubs are were in use. Cold beer, when available, is part of the treatment the men received during their spa session - 1945

Martin Schoeller. Jack Black Hotel Plaza Athenee, New York, New York, 2000

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