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Как на открытке

Paul Greenleaf в серии Correspondence сфотографировал виды с найденных на барахолках открытках как они выглядят сейчас . Сообщения на открытках стали подписями к его фотографиям и личным рассказом об этом месте.

We are having a most enjoyable week. We went to Helford Passage & visited Emmie at Manaccan. She is very well apart from the arthritis. We have been lucky with the weather, rather breezy some days but no rain. Crantock Village, Nr Newquay

Now this is what I call work – sun sea sand a bit of cooking & washing up & keeping an eye on a v. well behaved 6yr old girl. This place is absolute heaven. The cottage we’re in is just opposite the Y.H. here and just to the right of the bench –about 20 metres in from the cliff edge and a minute to the beach! Treyarnon Bay, Padstow

This is the "New Look" Cintra Hotel! Looks quite continental doesn't it? We are waiting for Joan and John to arrive to spend the day with us, it's their silver wedding anniversary to-day. Weather not too special to-day, 'tho it has been good so far and looks like brightening up again. Cintra Hotel, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset

I am enjoying every minute of our holiday & am a good girl. We have had lots of sunshine but today is cloudy. We went to Lyme Regis on Monday. Lyme Regis from the Tea Gardens, Dorset

Do you remember this view. I was here on Sunday afternoon with Joyce. Sun was out - far more people than in this picture. Very windy. Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire. View along the chalk escarpment.

This is our hotel v. posh. We are here till Saturday tripping all over with WALLY (NO COMMENTS PLEASE) the coach driver he and the two old biddies (Bell & her Dozy friend) are a scream!...? So see you at 8.30am 2nd Sept till then HAPPY HOLS. Windsor Hotel, Torquay, Devon

Having a mixed bag of weather but not worrying. Just returned from Plymouth they’re more shops there than the whole of Croydon & Bromley put together. Amazing the number of people on holiday. The “Tamar” is a fascinating bridge crossed all too quickly. Royal Parade, Plymouth

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