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Долнение к раз и два

John Myers Photographs of Middle England | Televisions:
John Myers. Television № 10. 1973. из серии Televisions

zofia rydet:
Zofia Rydet

Alex Harris. Transylvania County, North Carolina, October 1971:
Alex Harris. Transylvania County, North Carolina, October 1971

Rob Hornstra - ‘The Sochi Project’:
Rob Hornstra. Один из многих заброшенных домов. Сухуми, Абхазии, 2010. из серии ‘The Sochi Project

sarah hermans http://www.sarahhermans.com/:
Sarah Hermans

Luigi Ghirri (Italy, 1943–1992) was an extraordinary photographer, as well as a writer whose career was so rich and varied that it seems like a lesson in the contemporary history of the medium… Uncannily prescient, Ghirri shared the sensibility of what became known in the U.S. as the New Color and the New Topographics movements before they had even been named. Like his counterparts in Italian cinema, Ghirri believed the local and the universal were inseparable, and that life’s polarities.:
Luigi Ghirri

kill your television | Abelino’s Mother’s House, Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Negative, January 1984; print 1993. Alex Harris, photographer.:
Alex Harris. Abelino’s Mother’s House, Las Vegas, New Mexico. 1984

Melissa Catanese — New photographs:
Melissa Catanese из серии New photographs

Christopher Patrick Ernst:
Christopher Patrick Ernst

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