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Текстовая фотография

Дополнение к теме фотография vs текст в СМИ и подписи

Саша Курмаз. Back Side. 2010-2012

"There is no truth. There is only perception".
—Gustave Flaubert
While viewing a photography inner excitement will then appear in our minds. It will provides an opportunity to plunge into the past, into the unique atmosphere from days gone by. We also have an opportunity to study photography from a sociological / physical / aesthetic / historical / optical point of view. We have to analyze personal experiences obtained during viewing
a photo that would understand the meaning of image.
In search of the source of this strong feelings, I have created a project: "Back side".
The purpose of the project is to cause a same deep range of emotions, which the viewer is experiencing when looking at the picture, but only at the moment when he reads the title on the background of a real work, without actually seeng the image, thus letting this image appear in the imagination of the viewer.

Back Side - Sasha Kurmaz:

public intervention, photography, video:

Back Side - Sasha Kurmaz:

Chino Otsuka. Photo-Album. 2012

Chino Otsuka :: AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize:

Chino Otsuka :: AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize:

Chino Otsuka:
New Year snow at the park, 1959

Chino Otsuka:
Six months old

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