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Снимает сам себя

Год назад после нескольких перекличек: раз, два и три , я удивлялась, почему такая вроде очевидная тема автопортрета для фотографа практически не встречается.

И вот серия Santiago Forero Cell-Portraits (2014-2015).

Cell-Portraits by Santiago Forero | Photographic Museum of Humanity:

I have been making self-portraits in different surroundings for exploring the relationships between my body, other bodies, identity and familiar media images. From the tableaux hero to competitive athletes I have adopted and depicted different kind of masculine figures to inquire about this type of predominant imagery.
Cell-Portraits is a continuation of my work with self-portraiture, however it reflects upon this type of artistic genre in the social media era. From painting to photography self-portraiture has been an art practice executed mainly by artists, however with the popularity of smartphones and the birth of the selfie it has been displaced and left in an ambiguous state. My intention is to propitiate an encounter between both worlds, where the selfie is still a very disposable image and the self-portrait that is an image of contemplation and involves a lot of decisions of the artist.
By taking most of my body out of the frame I am still interested in projecting my own image that is outside the average and I expect to question the legitimacy of this new type of imagery that is defining the way of depicting the body nowadays.




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